Living in Areas of Minneapolis


Calhoun-Isles is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Minneapolis. This area is located near Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, and Lake of the Isles.

The homes in this neighborhood are large with a lot of space to roam. Home prices range from a few hundred thousand dollars for a small condo to over three million dollars for homes that sit on larger lots.

The homes in this area are perfect for families that have children who play sports or families that love to be outdoors. Lake Harriet is a beautiful area where you can walk, go fishing, take your pet out for a walk, and picnic with friends and family on the weekends.


Nokomis is primarily a tree-lined residential area that is home to young families, couples, and retirees. This peaceful neighborhood has a lot of historic homes as well as new construction homes.

Homes in Nokomis range from small transitional houses to larger estates perfect for entertaining guests or hosting family gatherings.

There are several parks, including Minnehaha Falls, Minnehaha Creek, and Wedgewood Parkway. Nokomis is the perfect neighborhood for families who love to be outdoors.


Longfellow homes are located just south of Downtown Minneapolis. This area has easy access to major interstates, public transportation, and bike trails.

This part of the city is perfect for families with children who enjoy being outdoors. Central Park is one of the neighborhood’s local parks where you can picnic or play on playground equipment with your kids during the weekends.

North Minneapolis

North Minneapolis is a great up-and-coming neighborhood for young families. If you want to be a part of a community that is revitalizing an area, this could be the perfect city for your family.

The great thing about North Minneapolis is you can find affordable homes with “good bones” in the area. If you are looking to buy a home in this area, be sure to do your research on the history of the neighborhood.

Downtown Minneapolis Condos

Downtown Minneapolis is another great part of the city to raise a family. From new buildings to renovated warehouses, Downtown Minneapolis has an option for you.

This area has easy access to grocery stores, parks for your furry friends to run around, and entertainment venues where you can enjoy live music or go to the symphony.

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Northeast Minneapolis

Known for art galleries and studios, Northeast Minneapolis is a great place to raise a family. This part of town has many small businesses, including restaurants and unique shops.

This area feels like home for young couples who enjoy an artistic atmosphere and want to be close to downtown for convenience. The homes in this neighborhood are usually older homes that have character and offer plenty of space for entertaining.


Phillips is a diverse area with many different styles of homes but also offers great amenities to families. This area has everything from trendy restaurants to parks perfect for your furry friends.

This part of town is very popular among young professionals and couples looking to live in an economically vibrant city that is easily accessed by driving, biking, or taking public transportation.


The Central Minneapolis area is a fun place for young families. This area of town has young professionals, couples, and singles all enjoying life together.

It includes some high-density residential areas, as well as commercial buildings. This diverse part of town offers young families the opportunity to live near downtown but also be close to amenities like grocery stores, pharmacies, and parks.

South Minneapolis

The South Minneapolis area is the most diverse and convenient part of town. 

This area also has plenty of amenities that young families enjoy, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and parks.

The southwest part of Minneapolis is a popular area with young families. The homes in this area are affordable but still offer the character you would expect to find in an old home.

Many of these homes have larger yards perfect for recreation or for pets to run around freely. This neighborhood is walkable with many local shops and restaurants nearby.


The University of Minnesota area is a vibrant area of Minneapolis and offers young professionals, students, and families with children plenty of entertainment.

There are several outdoor cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy live music or simply people watch with your family. The University area offers many different styles of homes perfect for any family’s needs; from small starter homes to large luxury homes.